Beyond Basics. How to Supercharge Your Middle Splits With A Powerful Stage Two Workout

Beyond Basics. How to Supercharge Your Middle Splits With A Powerful Stage Two Workout

Feeling stuck in your stretching routine?

Then you’re in luck! This week in our latest Youtube video Rad teaches a stage two middle split workout to show you how we train our tribe members who are comfortable with stretching and ready to apply more advanced methods.

If you're breezing through basic stretches, you're ready for stage two flexibility training. Stage one helped, but now you need more.

What's Different in Stage Two?

In stage two, your focus shifts. Instead of whole body routines, you work on specific movements like middle splits. These make your progress easy to see and feel.

And guess what?

They help you in other activities like martial arts or weightlifting.

You also need more "oomph" in your stretches. That means adding volume to each muscle or movement.

Your body's ready for a challenge. Now basic stretching isn't enough. You need to apply principles like progressive overload, super compensation, and program periodization.

Mix these with modern methods like end range strength and loaded stretching. You're not just stretching longer—you're growing stronger.

Focus on your glutes and adductors for middle splits. First, tire out your glutes. Then, stretch your adductors using your body weight. This makes your stretch deeper and strengthens your muscles.

For results that will shock you, you need to contract your muscles hard. This tricks your nervous system using something called the golgi tendon. You get immediate gains in your adductors. Add external weights, and you'll level up even faster.

Ready to Level Up?

If you loved this session, why stop here? We designed our Flexibility Masterclass for tribe members at stage two to unlock key movement skills including pancake, back bridge, front splits, middle splits and shoulder flexibility, that carry over to the things we love like Martial arts, calisthenics, weightlifting, and yoga.

Want to really push the limits with custom programs and industry leading online coaching? Our UMS Tribe Membership is the ultimate training experience. Click here to start your FREE trial today!

Ready to see these methods in action in a stage two middle splits workout? Watch the full YouTube video.

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