The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 1: Your Transformation Roadmap!

The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 1: Your Transformation Roadmap!

You know the book "The Secret"?

It was super famous and was even on Oprah's show.

This book said something pretty interesting: if you have a super clear picture in your mind of what you want, like being really rich or super healthy, just thinking about it a lot could make it happen.

But here's the thing, it's not that simple. 

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The book kind of missed a big part of how making dreams come true actually works. 

It's like saying if you just wish for a Lamborghini really hard, it'll just show up in your garage. We all know you have to do more than just wish – like making, saving and investing money!

That's why even though "The Secret" had a cool idea about imagining what you want, it wasn't the best advice on its own. You need to do stuff, not just think about it, to make things happen.

Still, knowing what you want is a really big first step.

Whether it's getting healthy, having more money, or finding the love of your life, it all starts with a clear picture in your head. This picture helps guide you to your goals. 

It's like having a map that shows you where to go.

Imagine yourself being really healthy and full of energy. If you can't picture it, it's hard to make it happen.

The first thing we do in the Peak Potential Planner is make this picture super clear. We even make something called a “Vision Board.” It's like a map of your goals you can see every day. It helps you remember why you're working so hard and keeps you focused.

I've taken this idea even further. My whole house and office show what I'm working towards. They're full of reminders of my goals.

Get ready for our next email. We'll talk about Step 2 in the Planner: The Truth About Setting Goals.

Can't wait to share more with you!

👉 Click here to listen to the full podcast on Audible [Episode 2/8]

👉 Click here to watch to the full podcast on Youtube [Episode 2/8]

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