The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 5: The True Cost of Success!

The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 5: The True Cost of Success!

As my brother Rad and I were doing great with our gym plans, something tricky happened. 

We were working super hard and making progress. 

But we got so caught up in being busy that we forgot about being productive. We were just reacting to whatever came up, and all we did was work, work, work.

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This busy time was exciting because our gym was growing. 

But it was also really hard on our personal lives. 

I had a big problem because I was so busy with the gym that my relationship with my fiancée, who's also the mom of my kids, ended. Rad had similar struggles. We didn't realize that being successful would test our personal lives so much.

Getting what we wanted wasn't just about hitting our goals. 

It was also about the choices we made and the people with us on this journey. Not everyone gets why you want to change, especially when they're used to things being a certain way.

Talking to our partners and friends about why we were working so much and missing out on fun times was really, really hard. 

Sometimes, it felt like we had to choose between our dreams and the people we love. I tried to make it work, but it was a tough time for my family, my health, and our business.

But, you know what? 

I learned so much from this. It made me think differently about what being rich really means, and it actually made me happier in the end.

One big thing I learned is what being truly productive means. 

It's not about being busy all the time. It's about doing things that really matter and doing them well. The best kind of productivity is when you're in the 'flow.' That's when you're so into what you're doing that you forget about time and everything else. You're just doing your best work.

To get into this 'flow,' you have to really care about what you're doing. 

Your work should be something you love (that's 'autonomy'), something you want to get really good at ('mastery'), and something that means a lot to you ('purpose').

But even when you find your flow, it's easy to get distracted, especially by phones and computers. So, we need to be smart and turn off things that take our focus away.

In the Peak Potential Planner, we talk about the difference between just being busy and being really productive. We show how important it is to celebrate even the small stuff you achieve and understand your own ways of being productive.

Being truly productive means getting things done and also making time for the people you care about. It's about planning, sticking to your plans, and being the best you can be.

In our next email, we're going to talk about how to stay focused and get things done, both at work and at home. The email will be called: Triumph Over Trials.

Can't wait to share more!

👉 Click here to (watch) to the full podcast on Youtube [Episode 6/8] 📺

👉 Click here to (listen) to the full podcast on Spotify [Episode 6/8]🎙️

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