The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 7: Transforming Pain Into Power

The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 7: Transforming Pain Into Power

What's it like to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without worrying about money? 

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For me, it means I can take it easy, change plans whenever I feel like it, and be there for all the special moments with my kids. 

I get to enjoy every school event and weekday fun without rushing.

But getting here wasn't just about being successful. 

I had to fight some really tough battles with my feelings. 

I dealt with scary anxiety that felt like I couldn't breathe and depression that followed me like a dark cloud all the time. These feelings were more than just being worried or sad; they were about fighting for my life.

I had to change how I thought about things because I really needed to get better. 

I moved from thinking "this is just how I am" to "I can learn and grow." 

This change wasn't about ignoring my problems but learning how to handle them and turn them into strength.

The last part of the Peak Potential Planner is super important. 

It talks about having a "growth mindset." 

This means believing you can get smarter and better at things if you work hard. It's about seeing tough times as chances to learn and get better.

A big step for me was learning from people who know a lot and reading books that teach you stuff. I started with audiobooks and got into reading a little bit every day. 

I ended up learning a lot by reading a new book every month!

In the last chapter, Rad and I share our favorite books about growing and thinking better. These aren't just any books; they're like secret doors to new ideas and ways to be awesome.

The Peak Potential Planner is where you start. 

It helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be. No matter where you're starting from, you have what it takes to change and get better.

Remember, your story is special, and this is just the beginning. Every step you take and every page you read gets you closer to being the best you.

We're going to keep talking about this cool "growth mindset" thing all through 2024 on our podcast and YouTube channel. 

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Got questions or just want to chat? Hit reply to this email. I'd love to hear from you!

Here's to us all doing great things together in 2024!

👉 Click here to (watch) to the full podcast on Youtube [Episode 8/8] 📺

👉 Click here to (listen) to the full podcast on Spotify [Episode 8/8]🎙️

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