The Sad Truth About The Liver King

The Sad Truth About The Liver King
Earlier this week the famed $100,000,000 Liver King empire was exposed as the con we all suspected.

Brian Johnson (aka Liver King), rocketed to internet fame as a fitness and masculinity influencer by showcasing what he calls the “ancestral lifestyle.” A program consisting of nine “tenets,” one of which calls for a diet of “primal fare,” including animal lungs and sheep's testicles.

Johnson achieved infamy with videos where he feasted on raw liver and demonstrated extreme workouts, positioning himself as a modern caveman warrior and guru to market his online Ancestral Supplements business, where he sells capsules containing beef organs, fish eggs, bone marrow, etc.

Well, it turns out that to achieve the Liver King status, you actually just skip the nine ancestral tenets, and (instead) fill your ass with $15k a month in performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

Because that’s how he does it.

You’re probably wondering why this matters considering every flex magazine ever printed advertises supplements by enhanced bodybuilders.

So why cherry pick the Liver King?

IMO, this was a particularly important scam to expose because unlike (most) bodybuilders who openly use steroids, Brian publicly denied the use of PED’s when asked, continually promoting his ancestral lifestyle as the reason for his physique.

What’s worse, he boasts a level of superiority, and health evangelism.

In doing so, he has indoctrinated young men into the worst example of an (unhealthy) body image driven, alpha male superiority mentality in recent memory.

Don't be fooled by his phony veil of health tips.

Let me be clear, there’s steroid use, and then there’s extreme steroid abuse. And then there’s Brian!

The sad truth about the liver king is that he won't be remembered for his hard work, or marketing genius.

His legacy will be the guy who thought you must be unnaturally muscular to be considered a real man, even if that means sacrificing one's health and integrity.

I pity him for his body dysmorphia and mental health issues. I also feel a strong sense of shame because he is everything that’s wrong with the health and fitness industry.

Make no mistake, his message was NEVER about health!

The saddest part is that most of his followers will likely end up filled to the eye balls with PEDs themselves when they realize the desired ancestral physique can't be achieved naturally.

In response to the allegations of steroid use, Johnson wrote in an email to Rolling Stone that his “message has always been about” the thousands of people who attempt or die by suicide each day, noting that “our people are hurting at record rates with depression, anxiety, autoimmune, infertility and low ambition in life… our young men are hurting the most… lost, weak and submissive.” He pitched his Ancestral Living brand as the “solution,” and emphasized: “This is my fight!”

If that’s true Brian, maybe come clean with an apology and a disclaimer about just how (un)healthy you really are. Both physically and mentally, so your cult followers have a chance in redemption.

Rad and I discuss the fall of the Liver King candidly on our Youtube channel.

Let’s reinvent how you (think) about health.

So you don’t fall victim to scammers like Liver King.

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