From Routine to Remarkable: How UMS Transformed Ricky's Training

From Routine to Remarkable: How UMS Transformed Ricky's Training

Meet Ricky McAddock, a proud member of Unity Gym for just four months now. 

Ricky felt the change the moment he stepped into our community. Gone were the days of dull workouts and lackluster results. "UMS has transformed the way I train!" Ricky exclaimed.

But how exactly did we turn his fitness world upside down?

Unity Gym's secret lies in our unique blend of strength, flexibility, and fitness training. This isn't just about sweating more or lifting heavier weights. Our holistic approach is deeply rooted in science. It's a smarter way to train that gives you the results you crave, and in less time.

Discovering Hidden Imbalances

What Ricky loved was the eye-opening revelation about his body. He found out about muscle imbalances he never knew he had. Ever felt like one arm is stronger than the other? That's an imbalance, and it can hold you back.

But imbalances aren’t limited to limb symmetry like arms and legs. There can also be imbalances between opposing muscles causing unstable joints and excessive joint glide. A term used by physiotherapists to describe the slippage between two bones that can cause major problems and painful injuries.

In addition, the two most common imbalances we see with new tribe members, is between upper and lower extremity strength and the three overall skills attributes, strength, flexibility and fitness. 

Discovering and working on these imbalances isn't just eye-opening—it's critical for a well-rounded physique. At Unity Gym, we help you focus on these imbalances so you can grow stronger, more flexible, and healthier in a balanced way.

Never A Dull Moment

Do you get bored with the same old workouts? Ricky used to as well. That's where the progressive nature of our UMS program kicks in. "The program keeps things fresh," Ricky noted. We never let the routine get stale. Instead, every week brings new challenges. From unlocking the splits to mastering the back bridge, you'll always have an exciting target.

Your Fitness, Your Way

Have a specific fitness goal? Maybe you're prepping for a marathon, or perhaps you're aiming to do your first pull-up. That's where the customization feature of our program shines. Ricky said it best: "The fact you can customize your program to suit your goals is great."

On-Demand Coaching: The Cherry On Top

Last but not least, Ricky raved about our on-demand coaching. "The coaching enhances the experience no end," he stated. Imagine a world where your coach is available to you, just when you need guidance or a motivational boost. We make that happen.


To sum it up, Ricky believes that Unity Gym is "worth every penny and more!" He thanked Rad and the entire UMS team, and we couldn't be happier for him. He embodies the spirit of what Unity Gym is all about—optimizing your strength, flexibility, and fitness in a way that makes each day a new adventure.

Our goal is to empower you to enjoy your best years, focusing on what matters most. And we do it by continually evolving, just like you do. So why settle for less when you can train the Unity Gym way? Take it from Ricky; it's a game-changer.

Ready to transform your own fitness journey?

Start with our 20-Minute Stretching Routine and work your way up through our Flexibility Masterclass to the all-inclusive UMS Tribe Membership. It's time to embrace your inner alpha and live your best life!

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