The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 4: From the Brink to Making Bank!

The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 4: From the Brink to Making Bank!

When Rad and I opened Unity Gym in the busy area of North Sydney, we quickly found out we didn't know everything about running a big gym. 

The costs were huge – we were spending over half a million dollars a year just to keep the gym open! 

Our money situation was really shaky.

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In that tough spot, we learned how important it is to plan everything super carefully. To really succeed at something big, you need a good plan. Making a plan for how to succeed is super important and something you can't skip.

We got a lot of help from a mentor named Sean Grealy. He's famous for teaching gym owners how to run successfully. 

I also learned a lot from another mentor called Kerwin Rae, who showed us how to make smart plans for our gym. We would get together every few months to figure out how to make our gym better.

For Rad and me, learning to plan was a lifesaver. 

We set big goals for the whole year and then broke them down into smaller goals for each quarter, month, week, and day. 

This made it easier to handle and kept us excited because we could see how much we were achieving.

In our Peak Potential Planner, we use the smart planning ideas from Sean and Kerwin, and mix them with research from Dr. Gail Matthews. 

Your plans should really match what's important to you and what you dream of doing. 

Your big goals for the year should be split into smaller steps you can actually do.

The Peak Potential Planner is like a map that shows you how to keep making progress. 

It helps you plan well, use technology to stay organized, and make sure your goals fit with what's really important to you. 

Good planning can be the difference between making your dreams come true or not.

But remember, planning is just the start. You have to actually do what you've planned. Waiting too long or not doing things can mess up even the best plans.

Get ready for our next email. I'll show you a great way to make sure you do what you plan, on time and without putting it off. We'll talk about how to use technology and manage your time to make your plans happen.

Watch for the next email titled: The True Cost of Success.

I can't wait to share more!

👉 Click here to (watch) to the full podcast on Youtube [Episode 5/8] 📺

👉 Click here to (listen) to the full podcast on Spotify [Episode 5/8]🎙️

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