Why Most Martial Arts Gyms Fail at Teaching High Kicks and How You Can Succeed

Why Most Martial Arts Gyms Fail at Teaching High Kicks and How You Can Succeed

Imagine this: you’ve just enrolled in a martial arts academy, eager to learn high kicks that can rival the pros. Yet, weeks turn into months, and despite rigorous training, you still fall on your arse everytime you try to kick above the waistline.

The problem isn’t your dedication; it’s the method. Most martial arts academies, MMA, and kickboxing gyms are woefully unprepared to teach effective flexibility training for high kicks. 

But don’t worry, there's a solution. Introducing this week's featured content: “How To Get Higher Kicks With 5 Simple Exercises”, created from our brand new (free) High Kick Blueprint, designed by us at Unity Gym, to elevate your kicks to new heights.

The Common Pitfall in Martial Arts Training

When we, Rad and I, co-founders of Unity Gym, reviewed the typical training regimens of many martial arts academies, we noticed a glaring omission: effective flexibility training using modern scientific methods.

Most gyms focus heavily on technique and strength but overlook the critical aspect of flexibility. Without proper flexibility, even the strongest and most technically sound athletes can struggle with high kicks. 

Drawing from our extensive experience in martial arts and fitness training, we have developed a unique approach that integrates flexibility training into martial arts routines. Our insights form the foundation of the High Kick Blueprint, ensuring that practitioners can achieve higher, more powerful kicks.

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching for High Kicks

One of the components of the High Kick Blueprint is the emphasis on dynamic stretching over static stretching. Dynamic stretching involves moving parts of your body through their full range of motion with controlled, smooth movements. 

Unlike static stretching, which involves holding a position, dynamic stretching prepares your body for activity by increasing flexibility, blood flow, and muscle temperature.

Key Benefits for High Kicks

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion: Dynamic stretches mimic the kicking movements, improving your flexibility and allowing you to achieve higher kicks with less strain.
  • Muscle Preparation for Explosive Movements: High kicks require power. Dynamic stretching warms up your muscles, making them more responsive and less prone to injury during intense actions.
  • Increased Blood Flow and Muscle Temperature: Warm muscles are more pliable and ready for activity. Dynamic stretching raises muscle temperature and blood flow, reducing injury risk.
  • Improved Balance and Coordination: Movements like leg swings and walking lunges enhance balance and coordination, crucial for precise, controlled high kicks.
  • Injury Risk Reduction: Gradually increasing movement intensity prepares muscles and joints for high kicks, preventing strains and injuries.
  • Nervous System Activation: Dynamic stretching primes your nervous system for quick, explosive movements, improving reaction time and muscle activation.

Static Stretching: The Outdated Method

Static stretching is not as beneficial for high kicks in martial arts. While it can improve overall flexibility, it doesn't effectively prepare the muscles for the dynamic, explosive movements required for high kicks. 

Static stretching can also temporarily reduce muscle strength and power, which can hinder performance. For optimal results, dynamic stretching, which mimics the movements of high kicks and prepares the muscles for action, is a more effective approach.

Importance of Slow and Controlled Kicking

Our High Kick Blueprint also highlights the significance of slow and controlled kicking exercises. This approach not only builds strength but also ensures precision and control in every kick.

Slow and controlled kicks are essential for building the key muscles involved in high kicks. By targeting the hip flexors and knee extensors, this method ensures that each part of the kick, from the pivot to the follow-through, is both powerful and precise. 

Practicing these kicks at a slow pace enhances your control, improving your balance and stability. This increased control leads to more accurate and effective high kicks.

Moreover, focusing on technique and muscle engagement over the height of the kick is crucial. Emphasizing proper form and muscle activation helps practitioners develop kicks that are not only high but also powerful and precise. 

Over time, this approach allows for gradual improvements in kick height without sacrificing control or technique, resulting in a more effective and reliable high kick.

End Range Contractions Paired with Loaded Stretches

A revolutionary aspect of the High Kick Blueprint is the use of end range contractions paired with loaded stretches. This technique significantly increases flexibility, enhancing overall kicking performance. The science behind this method involves taking a joint to its full range and then contracting the muscle at its end range, which helps maximize flexibility.

In practice, this might mean lifting the leg high and contracting the hip flexors and quadriceps, then following this with a stretch of the hamstrings. This combination quickly enhances flexibility and kicking ability. The rapid improvement in flexibility is essential for executing high kicks effectively, making this technique a crucial part of the High Kick Blueprint.

The Role of Focus-Pad Work in High Kick Training

Another important element we emphasize is the importance of pad work in high kick training. Practicing with pads helps develop accuracy, precision, and control, which are essential for effective martial arts performance. By repeatedly aiming for a target, you refine the accuracy and precision of your kicks, making them more effective in real situations.

Pad work also simulates real combat scenarios, even when training without a partner. This practical approach helps you prepare for actual sparring or competition. Additionally, setting up pads at challenging heights encourages you to improve your technique and control, which is vital for mastering high kicks. This focused practice ensures that your kicks are not only high but also accurate and controlled.

Maintaining Flexibility and Strength Over Time

We emphasize that maintaining flexibility and strength doesn’t require the same effort as developing them initially. Consistent practice, even at reduced intensity, can help retain these attributes effectively. 

Maintaining 80-90% of any physical attribute requires only about 10% of the effort initially needed to develop it. This principle is encouraging for long-term training, as regular practice, even if less intense, ensures that flexibility and strength are maintained, which is essential for long-term martial arts success.

Incorporating a full-body mobility routine is crucial for solidifying flexibility gains and aiding recovery. A well-rounded mobility routine can enhance flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and improve circulation. Regular mobility drills teach the nervous system that new ranges of flexibility are safe, making these gains more permanent and usable in practice. 

This comprehensive approach to mobility ensures that your flexibility improvements are long-lasting and beneficial for your overall martial arts performance.

The High Kick Blueprint Advantage

The High Kick Blueprint, developed by us at Unity Gym, addresses the common pitfalls in traditional martial arts training. By focusing on dynamic stretching, slow and controlled kicks, end range contractions paired with loaded stretches, and pad work, this program offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to master high kicks.

Unlock Your Potential: With the High Kick Blueprint, you can achieve the high kicks you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not just about flexibility; it’s about integrating strength, technique, and precision into your training. Don’t let outdated methods hold you back. Embrace this innovative approach and elevate your martial arts performance to new heights.

For more info on unlocking your high kicks, explore the High Kick Blueprint. Transform your kicks and your overall martial arts journey with Unity Gym’s proven methods.

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Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Many adults have successfully unlocked shocking speed, power and height with the right approach and support. Stay positive, stay committed, and keep moving forward. Epic high kicks are within reach, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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