15 Minute High Kick Routine

15 Minute High Kick Routine

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An efficient 15 minute follow along routine with Rad Burmeister, combining all the elements of the high kick blueprint into a workout. Do this as a warm up to your regular martial arts training, or as a stand alone workout. No equipment required.

  • A comprehensive tutorial video to teach you how to execute each movement

  • A 15-minute follow along workout video for max accountable once you’re ready

  • For Every Martial Arts Level: Highly effective exercises for white belts to black belts

  • Instant Gratification: Experience immediate improvements and higher kicks after the first run through

  • Building for the Future: This routine will change the muscles in your legs and hips for permanent results

Reading blueprints and watching YouTube videos won't make you kick higher. Only doing the work will get you there. Unless of course you're doing the wrong work. And I'd wager that you've already wasted enough time on methods haven't haven't produced the results you want.

How much more time do you have to waste? 1 year? 10 years? Personally, I don't have a month to waste on ineffective methods!

If you can relate, then take action now and get this incredible 15 minute routine. You will not be disappointed!

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