Achieving Peak Flexibility: Unraveling the Secrets of Stage Three Training

Achieving Peak Flexibility: Unraveling the Secrets of Stage Three Training

Welcome, Tribe! Today, we're diving into a special topic that will revolutionize how you think about your fitness journey. We’re exploring lesson five from the latest Flexibility Blueprint, as discussed in episode 355 of "The Sound of Movement" podcast

The goal? To help you pinpoint exactly where you are on your fitness journey and what you need to focus on to level up.

As our deep dive into the three stages of flexibility training continues, today, we're focusing on distinguishing who stage three flexibility development is for.

First, let’s recap the three stages:

Stage One: The Beginner - Here you're just starting out. Your primary aim is to fuel your motivation and make significant strides towards your goals. An ideal stage one workout should empower you with quick victories.

Stage Two: The Intermediate - Here, your previous mobility routines aren't delivering the rapid results you once experienced. You've made some progress but can't advance to skills like the pancake or middle splits. A structured program targeting specific muscle groups becomes vital.

Stage Three: The Specialist - This is the pinnacle, a stage where you've devoted considerable time and effort. At this point, you're either exceedingly fit, flexible, or strong. It's about harmonizing strength and flexibility for a well-functioning physique.

Addressing the Stage Three Dilemma

Often, stage three individuals experience the "curse" of specialization. They may have imbalances due to intense training in specific sports like Crossfit, Yoga, or Martial Arts. These imbalances can lead to overuse injuries or frustrating performance plateaus.

So, can someone at this level benefit from a basic 20-minute routine? While a shorter routine may offer some benefits, it's unlikely to sufficiently challenge or motivate them. Such individuals usually seek more advanced routines to enhance their existing training.

Why Not Jump Straight to Stage Three?

A genuine beginner requires a foundational approach tailored to their current level. Although some might have prior experience and can transition faster, most need structured progression. The three stages aim to provide a clear, actionable path for all.

In our UMS tribe, we combine strength and flexibility for a holistic approach. New members begin with a thorough pre-exercise questionnaire. 

This ensures a tailored prescription based on various factors, which is critical at stage three because there are many different paths to this stage depending on what your specialty is.

Time is a finite resource. The key is in choosing investments that offer substantial returns. Instead of endlessly scouring YouTube, consider a program that eliminates confusion. Many find that working directly with a coach, rather than relying solely on online content, provides clarity and accelerated progress.

Understanding where you stand in your flexibility journey is essential. By identifying your current stage, you can take actionable steps towards achieving your goals.

Ready to delve deeper? Listen to the full episode on the Sound Of Movement Podcast.

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