In the Spotlight: John Brett Fitter & Stronger For 40’s Than 20’s!

In the Spotlight: John Brett Fitter & Stronger For 40’s Than 20’s!

John Brett had always been an active person, but as he got older, it became harder for him to balance his training with other commitments. Eventually, he became quite unfit and inactive for a number of years.

However, eight months ago, he decided to take action and join Unity Gym's app-based coaching services.

Under the guidance of the Unity team, John began the 'UMS Pro' program, which helped him achieve fantastic results. He lost an impressive 13kg and saw big improvements in his strength and flexibility.

In his 40s, John is now stronger on all of his lifts than he was in his 20s when he used to regularly go to the gym. Even better, the lower back pain that he used to regularly have has been completely gone for months, and he feels much better about how his body can move.

Not only did John see significant physical changes, but he also grew his knowledge about training and sports science. 

He said …

“The content produced by the team helped educate me and teach the key principles as part of the program.
“The coaching is primarily delivered through an app, with core programs like the UMS, and other 'masterclass' programs, including skills such as handstands or muscle ups. 
“The programs combine flexibility and strength workouts and are well laid out, with video demonstrations for each exercise, as well as variations to make movements easier or harder. There are also follow-along videos for the entire workout, which can help keep you on time.”

John found that the leaderboards, which you can ask to join, helped keep him consistent and working with others through the same phases.

The in-app forums also allowed him to ask questions or seek form feedback if he posted a video. The coaches and other more experienced tribe members were happy to give feedback.

Exercise and health require effort, but if you commit to doing that with the Unity team, John is confident that you will get the results in strength, mobility, and health that you're looking for.

You can read John’s Google Review of UMS here.

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