Is Stretching Safe After Surgery?

Is Stretching Safe After Surgery?

The short answer is no!

Because stretching any wound before it’s healed will reopen the wound and stifle recovery. But once the tissues are healed, regaining mobility in the area is important.

But passive stretching alone won’t suffice because it won’t address the issue, which is a lack of strength and mobility. Either, in general, or post surgery.

So the priority is always to increase strength and mobility. Passive stretching fails to do so. The best way to improve strength and mobility is with loaded stretches and full range strength training.

In our latest Youtube video Rad walks you step by step through a routine to increase hip strength and flexibility post surgery. 

🎦 Is Stretching The Front & Middle Splits Safe After Hip Surgery?

Let’s reinvent how you train for strength and flexibility.

So you can do more of what you love without pain!

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