The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 3: The Silent Saboteur of Success

The Peak Potential Planner Lesson 3: The Silent Saboteur of Success

Rad and I always loved combat sports โ€“ I was all about boxing, and Rad was into kung fu.

These sports were a huge part of our lives growing up.

But things got really interesting when we started our own gym, Unity Gym.

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Right before we opened the gym, when I turned 30, I decided to stop boxing competitively. I knew running the gym would take a lot of my time.

But Rad kept doing kung fu a lot, even when we were super busy getting the gym ready.

Rad's dedication to kung fu was awesome, but it didn't really match up with our gym's focus on strength and conditioning.ย 

This mismatch caused some trouble for us financially, and really slowed down our gym's growth. Because of his stubborn ego, Rad was so focused on kung fu that he wasn't really interested in what we were doing at the gym.

It was a tough situation. Rad had to think hard about what he was doing and make some changes to line up with our gym's goals.ย 

I realized Rad might never get as excited about bodybuilding or powerlifting as I was.ย 

So, we started looking for something that we both could get excited about. That's when we found calisthenics.

We learned about calisthenics from cool people like Ido Portal, Roye Goldschmidt, and Christopher Sommers.ย 

This new kind of exercise mixed Rad's love for movement with my interest in strength training. It was perfect for us! This mix of exercises helped us create our Unify Movement System (UMS) that we teach online now.

Our story shows that how you think and what you believe can really shape what you do.ย 

The things we've learned in life, at school, and from people around us can guide our choices. It's important to understand this, so we can make choices that help us reach our goals.

We also learned a lot about ego. Ego can be helpful, but if we're not careful, it can get in the way of our success. Our feelings play a big part in our decisions, too. Being able to handle our emotions helps us make better choices.

In step three of the Peak Potential Planner, we talk about how ego can affect what we do. We learn how to spot when ego is causing problems and find ways to deal with it. This helps us make sure our actions match our goals.

Get ready for our next email. We'll show you how to use these ideas to plan for success in your life. The subject will be: From the Brink to Making Bank!

Can't wait to share more!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click here to (watch) to the full podcast on Youtube [Episode 4/8] ๐Ÿ“บ

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click here to (listen) to the full podcast on Spotify [Episode 4/8] ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

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