Why education is the easy part.

Why education is the easy part.

I wonder how many people passionately study, only to end up in a profession that has nothing to do with their original topic of education?

It turns out that education is the easy part. 

In reality, turning it into a profession that pays well is harder.

This goes for anything in life. Learning the best method to maximize your physical performance, unlock a movement skill, or produce a lean and healthy physique is easy. The information is abundant and free!

Turning up to the gym every day to exercise is where it gets challenging.

Learning how to train to win a gold medal - easy.

The training (and winning) - not so much!

But seldom will we be discouraged from getting an education. It’s socially acceptable to be scholarly. Irrespective of the success it brings us.

In fact, we‌ heavily discourage people from doing it any other way in fear of becoming a charlatan. Who cares what they achieved? Are they educated?

So it’s easy (and comfortable) to pick up the next book, enroll in the next course, or continue watching that next video. It’s time well spent because - after all - you are learning.

… Or is it?

How much more do YOU need to learn before you’re ready to execute?

What goal will you sacrifice to further your education?

Pro tip, whatever it is, you’re ready!

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