Amplify Your Fitness at Home: A Full-Body Strength & Stretching Workout to Follow

Amplify Your Fitness at Home: A Full-Body Strength & Stretching Workout to Follow

Looking for a comprehensive home workout? 

This new follow-along routine incorporates the unique principles of the Unity Gym's UMS (Unify Movement System) training system. By integrating strength and flexibility into every workout, UMS offers superior results in less time. This routine effectively targets your upper body for strength training and lower body for flexibility, making it the ultimate home workout.

In the first section, you'll do five rounds of strength training focused on the chest, back, and shoulders. These exercises enhance muscle mass and physical power, the core principles of the UMS training system. 

Complementing the strength training, we introduce stretching exercises designed for your hip flexors and hamstrings. This balance of strength and flexibility brings the best of both worlds, optimizing your workout and saving you time.

After the primary exercises, we dive into a four-round supplementary circuit, targeting rotator cuffs, shoulder stability, and core. The purpose of these exercises is to increase muscular endurance and stability - crucial for improving performance in all physical activities.

Your warm-up is a fundamental part of the workout. In this routine we demonstrate a traditional UMS warm up that includes all three key components to effectively prepare your body.

For the workout, your only equipment requirement is a towel for pulling exercises or gymnastics rings for door-mounted pull-up bars. If you're lacking these, there are numerous home-friendly alternatives to ensure you don't compromise on workout quality.

This routine becomes even more user-friendly with a downloadable program card. Found in the video description, it guides you through each exercise, helping you maximize the benefits of the UMS training system.

With your timer set and equipment ready, brace yourself for an intense home workout session. This routine epitomizes the UMS training system - delivering superior strength and flexibility in less time.

Remember, achieving your fitness goals depends on your commitment and consistency. So, gear up, give your best, and watch the transformation unfold.

To further enhance your fitness journey, we invite you to join the UMS Tribe Membership. Our promise is better strength and flexibility in less time, allowing you to relish your best years. The UMS Tribe is here to make every workout count. 

Are you ready to start? Let's get moving!

Watch the video here and try this out for a few weeks, and see the difference it makes!

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