How To Fix Lower Back Pain [Powerful 3-Step Strategy]

How To Fix Lower Back Pain [Powerful 3-Step Strategy]

What if I told you that my brother Rad avoided surgery and fixed excruciating back pain from a Pars Fracture and Spondylolisthesis by doing heavy deadlifts?

There’s a notion that when you have lower back pain, you should avoid heavy lifting. Heck, Rad and I were both told to do so from experts in their fields of physical therapy at one stage.

But what worked for us is the complete opposite. We’ve learnt that physical exercise is critical for recovery.

After an accumulated 45years coaching our tribe between Rad and I, we’ve created a three-step strategy to rehabbing lower back pain that we think you should know:

  1. Motion is lotion
  2. Fix muscle imbalances
  3. Balance strength and flexibility

In our Unity Gym app, we teach our tribe how to train in such a way that these are all achieved during the general preparation phase and supported throughout the program. 

Rad dives deeper into these three powerful elements is our latest YouTube video.

📽️ Check out the video here

If you implement these three powerful lessons into your training, it will do far more than just fix your back pain.

To your limitless success.

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