How To Fix Shoulder Scapular Winging

How To Fix Shoulder Scapular Winging

One of the more common questions we get on our YouTube channel is how do I fix scapular winging? It’s so common we’ve made multiple videos for our subscribers over the years.

But questions keep coming. Now we’ve observed a consistent oversight among people who fall into the category of winged scapular.

There are a few causes of scapular winging and some may need further intervention.

First, I’ll address that there is a common cause that our methods may not fix, which is trauma (and damage) to the long thoracic nerve (LTN), causing impaired innervation to the serratus anterior muscle. This is common in motor vehicle accidents from whiplash in the neck.

Ruling out injury to the LTN. We can usually fix your winged scapula with the right exercise.

That said, exercise is always beneficial, even in the event of damaged LTN.

Which is a good segue into our concern.

The notion that you need a specific exercise for your scapular winging is flawed because working in isolation to fix a muscle imbalance will only neglect other areas of the body, causing more imbalances and issues.

In our Unity Gym app, we teach our tribe that the body doesn’t operate in isolation, nor should we train that way. Instead, our training should improve movement patterns and muscle systems, as nature intended.

📽️ Check out our latest YouTube tutorial here.

In this video, Rad teaches three powerful workouts we use in our Unity Gym training app to improve the shoulders strength and mobility. These will do far more than just fix your scapular winging.


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