How to Preserve Muscle Mass & Strength so You Age Gracefully

How to Preserve Muscle Mass & Strength so You Age Gracefully

In episode 341 of the Sound of Movement podcast, we were honored to have Phil White from ADPT Physio and Tony Boutagy from as our esteemed guests. 

With a wealth of experience in the fitness industry and a PhD in sports science, Tony has coached elite athletes in over 30 different sports and written thousands of training programs.

In this episode, we address two crucial questions related to aging and fitness: how to maintain muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and metabolism as you age, and how women can avoid perimenopause muscle loss. 

Click here to listen to the full episode and gain valuable insights from our experts.

Both males and females typically reach their peak muscle mass and strength between the ages of 25 and 30. This remains relatively constant until around 50, after which we begin to lose 1-2% of muscle and 3-4% of strength per year. Muscle and strength loss accelerates after 60, leading to frailty syndromes in our older years.

Interestingly, muscle and strength loss usually occurs during periods called "catabolic crises," caused by bedridden states due to injury or sickness. However, women face additional challenges during menopause due to hormonal changes that impact muscle and bone protection and cause metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Our advice for individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s remains consistent: train hard and regularly, with a focus on your ability to recuperate. However, after 50, the emphasis should shift toward preserving muscle mass and strength, as these become more susceptible to loss during periods of inactivity. 

This is known as "anabolic resistance."

As we age and pass menopause, our muscles become more resistant to anabolic stimuli. It takes more protein and weight training to activate muscle growth pathways. So, exercise regimens remain consistent up to age 50, but a greater focus on strength training and protein-rich foods is recommended afterward.

Remember, your 20s, 30s, and 40s provide a unique window of opportunity to build muscle, so make the most of it!

For more expert insights on preserving muscle mass and strength as you age, click here to listen to the full Sound of Movement Podcast Episode 341 featuring Phil and Tony.

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