In The Spotlight: From Stiffness to Flexibility. Michael Lindemeier’s Personal Journey with the UMS

In The Spotlight: From Stiffness to Flexibility. Michael Lindemeier’s Personal Journey with the UMS

Michael had been physically active for most of his life, including weight lifting and practicing kung fu for eight years. He considered himself strong and reasonably fit for his size, but he faced several problems as he got older.

Michael realized that he was very stiff, lacked mobility and stability in his joints, and had a lot of strength imbalances. These issues caused him neck, shoulder, and back pain, and minor injuries that could have been avoided.

In an effort to improve his mobility, he purchased Unity Gym’s mobility program three years ago and was happy with the results he achieved within two to three months of using it.

However, he regretfully let the program slip out of his list of priorities. 

He never forgot how much his body changed within that short time and how he was able to move in ways he hadn't experienced since being a young teenager. He tried other exercise programs but never achieved practical results on this scale.

For his 41st birthday, Michael decided to commit to the full UMS program by purchasing the app subscription. Within just four weeks, he noticed remarkable results. His posture improved dramatically, he could move around more easily, and he felt noticeable strength gains. 

He also appreciated the regression of the exercises that allowed him to focus on drilling correct techniques and stabilizing/mobilizing joints, helping him avoid injuries as he moved forward into the most basic exercises such as push-ups and squats.

Michael found the breadth and depth of information and personalized support offered by Rad, Yani, and the UMS team beyond compare. 

He was thrilled with the support he received throughout his journey to create a strong, mobile, resilient body. If you are feeling the effects of aging on your body or want to prevent them, Michael strongly recommends getting into the Unify Movement System.

To read more about Michael's experience with UMS, check out his Google Review.

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