Overcoming Obstacles: Training in the Presence of Injury with Rad Burmeister

Overcoming Obstacles: Training in the Presence of Injury with Rad Burmeister

Rad and my fitness journeys have taught us both how crucial it is to tackle personal challenges and embrace a holistic approach to health. These lessons can transform your journey too!

Today, we're back with day 54 of Rad Burmeister's, our co-founder and lead coach, daily workout vlogs, titled "Hanging, Handstand & Mobility Workout With A SLAP Tear." But it's more than just a workout session. We dive deep into navigating injuries, boosting flexibility and mobility, and adopting a mindset that promotes ongoing improvement.

Training In The Presence of Injury

At Unity Gym we start our sessions with a workout specific warm up routine. This helps to tackle how to train with injuries. In Rad’s case, the SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior) tears in both his shoulders.

Rad’s pre-workout includes foam rolling and trigger point release, focusing on the chest and lat areas. This warm-up is crucial for easing into exercises, maintaining function, and reducing pain. It highlights the importance of specific, injury-aware exercises for long-term fitness.

Flexibility and Mobility Work

Flexibility and mobility exercises are at the heart of my workouts. From hip openers to squat mobility and shoulder rehab, these exercises are key to Rad’s regimen. 

Despite his SLAP tear and spondylolisthesis issues, Rad remains committed to these movements to keep and boost his mobility. This part of his workout underlines resilience and the need for mobility work as a fitness cornerstone, especially when facing physical challenges.

Our Training Philosophy

Throughout Rad’s workout, he shares insights into our training approach. Stressing daily habits, consistent training, and aiming for progress, not perfection, we offer a practical yet motivating viewpoint. 

This mindset aids in my recovery and progress and lights the way for others aiming to overcome injuries or achieve fitness goals. The take-home message is simple: aim to improve daily, and over time, these small steps will lead to big changes.

A Blueprint for Sustainable Fitness

Rad’s daily vlog goes beyond mere exercises; they are a guide to lasting fitness success. Through managing injuries, committing to flexibility and mobility, and fostering a growth mindset, he shares lessons valuable for anyone's fitness journey. Adopting these principles of resilience, smart adaptation, and steady progress, you too can navigate your fitness path wisely and purposefully.

Whether inspired by our method or ready to start your fitness quest, the principles we share are universal. At Unity Gym, our online coaching and community support offer a solid foundation for anyone, at any fitness level.

Leveraging Rad's strategies and the Unified Movement System principles means not just chasing fitness goals but embarking on a holistic wellness and self-improvement journey.

Initiating Your Journey

If Rad’s workout piques your interest or if you're eager to explore calisthenics and mobility further, our Unity Gym team is here to support you. Our online coaching and extensive community resources provide everything needed for your fitness success.

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👉 Begin your personalized fitness journey with our online coaching

Take this opportunity to redefine your fitness approach with a balanced and insightful strategy. With the right resources, community support, and expert advice, reaching your fitness goals is not just possible but guaranteed.

Start your journey with confidence and discover the power of a comprehensive fitness regimen today.

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