A Scientific Front Splits Method🧑‍🔬

A Scientific Front Splits Method🧑‍🔬

Are you sitting down reading this? 

If so, our latest Youtube stretching routine is for you.

Because it will release your hips and hamstrings, which will help offset prolonged sitting at work.

Tight psoas, hamstrings and glutes are major contributing factors to the types of muscle and joint imbalances that cause lower back pain.

Although we are not proponents of stretching (alone) to fix back pain. We do believe good stretches are an important part of a complete treatment plan.

But not just any old stretches.

We trigger the golgi tendon organ using modern scientific methods that leverage the antagonistic relationship in muscle systems for instant gains.

This latest routine demonstrates how to do so using just four beginner level exercises.

📽️ 18-minute beginner front splits stretching routine

Here’s to reinventing your strength and flexibility training.

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