The Secret to Flexibility: Strength Through Range

The Secret to Flexibility: Strength Through Range

Being flexible is important for your health, but just stretching isn't enough.

To be truly flexible, you need to also work on your strength.

This means doing exercises that make your muscles strong while they move through a full range of motion.

At Unity Gym, we teach our tribe to lift weights with proper form and full range of motion. We also teach you how to train so as to work the muscles that push and pull against each other in balance.

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This helps your become stronger (and) more flexible.

For example, the muscles that help you raise your arms (shoulder flexors) have an inverse relationship with the muscles that help you lower your arms (shoulder extensors).

When you work the shoulder flexors, it helps the shoulder extensors move more easily.

The best way to get stronger and more flexible is to do exercises that move your joints through a full range of motion, like squats and push-ups, in balance with their opposing movements and muscle systems like the deadlift and pull-up.

Doing these exercises and stretching at the same time will help you become really strong (and) flexible!

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