How To Get Better Shoulder Mobility [📽️ checkout this YouTube tutorial]

How To Get Better Shoulder Mobility [📽️ checkout this YouTube tutorial]

In my pursuit of movement mastery, I practiced many exercise disciplines.

Two of the most enjoyable to date were hand balancing and Olympic lifting. 

Unfortunately, I tried both at the wrong time, when my ego was strong and my body was weak.

There’s a saying among coaches, Olympic lifting must find the individual, not the other way around. You could say the same about handstands.

I concur, only after your body has adapted from years of strength and conditioning should you attempt Olympic lifting or hand balancing. 

Throwing heavy barbells above your head and standing on your hands both requires an unnatural amount of shoulder mobility and strength.

The problem is, power cleans, snatches and handstands are fun!

Training to develop the prerequisite strength and flexibility, not so much. 

It can take years to develop overhead strength and flexibility. Most times, you must override poor posture that has developed from decades of neglect. But there are modern methods that will produce results faster than you may think.

📽️ Check out our latest YouTube tutorial here.

In this short video, Rad teaches two powerful overhead mobility drills we use in our Unity Gym training app to unlock the shoulders fast.

Here’s to your shoulder health.

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