I Wish I Knew These Hip Flexor Stretches Earlier

I Wish I Knew These Hip Flexor Stretches Earlier

As personal trainers since 2004, I bet you think Rad and I are rarely stuck behind a desk.

Surprisingly, we spend most of our days writing and producing content in our home offices. Meaning, our work is extremely sedentary.

To offset the eight to ten hours spent seated every day, we need to walk, lift and stretch daily or our hips and lower back become horribly painful!

In fact, one of the main reasons both of us exercise so much is to manage our lower back pain. 

We have both injured our lower backs from horrific accidents. Mine after falling from a horse and Rad after falling down a ravine whilst on deployment in the military.

The silver lining to our injuries is that they set us on a path to discover the most effective exercises to manage our pain.

Rad shares two of our favorite stretches for the hip flexors that will help to ease tension in the lower back and improve front splits flexibility in our latest YouTube video.

📽️ Check out the video here

Then we built our Unity Gym app to help offset the sedentary aspects of our professional lives by measuring and increasing the two key health metrics, our total daily steps (for cardio fitness) and accumulated load lifted (for strength and flexibility).

Tracking and improving these two key metrics is easy, tangible and extremely effective.

To your limitless success.

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