Is Stretching A Good Cure For Lower Back Pain?

Is Stretching A Good Cure For Lower Back Pain?

We're often asked what stretches are good for lower back pain.

Both Rad and I have had to overcome debilitating lower back pain.

Despite having very different issues, we used the same methods to do so. We’ve also watched as others close to us continue to suffer by doing the wrong things.

Contrary to popular belief, stretching is NOT a good cure for lower back pain.

Although it may provide some immediate relief, it’s only temporary because it doesn’t address the underlying issues that cause lower back pain, such as muscle imbalances, weak hip stabilizers and poor posture or movement patterns.

So, how do you fix these issues and make your lower back pain a thing of the past?

If you would like to follow in our footsteps and overcome your lower back pain Rad and the team have created two new videos for you.

📽️ Lower back pain relief that actually works

📽️ 15 minute lower back pain exercise routine

Here’s to overcoming your lower back pain.

By reinventing your strength and flexibility training.

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