Member Spotlight: Achieving Flexibility & Strength at 60! Glen Gilbow's Journey with the UMS

Member Spotlight: Achieving Flexibility & Strength at 60! Glen Gilbow's Journey with the UMS
For many middle aged family-oriented men, finding the perfect fitness solution that caters to their passion for calisthenics, weightlifting, MMA, and yoga while balancing other commitments can be a challenge.

Enter the Unify Movement System (UMS), a revolutionary fitness program that has transformed Glen Gilbow's life.

Glen, like many others, sought functional strength, well-defined muscles, and flexibility. He tried various fitness routines, including marathons, weightlifting, yoga, ballet, and martial arts, but couldn't quite achieve the desired results.

That was until he discovered Unity Gym (and the UMS) on YouTube.

UMS is an all-encompassing fitness program that caters to individuals of all fitness levels. The program's understanding of the science behind flexibility sets it apart.

Inside the app, coaches of UMS break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms, ensuring users can grasp the principles behind the exercises. Glen found it invaluable to have a knowledgeable personal trainer like Rad available 24/7.

The UMS team's dedication to providing outstanding online support is evident in the personalized assistance they offer. When Glen had a technical question for the app, Lyle, the technical support director, created a personalized video tutorial just for him.

The UMS social media community fosters positivity, with members inspiring, encouraging, and sharing knowledge with one another.

Glen urges others like him to reallocate time and money spent on non-essential habits to invest in the lasting, tangible benefits of UMS.

The commitment and hard work of the UMS team, including co-founders Rad and Yani, shine through the quality of the program and the support they provide.

Now 60 years old, Glen is more excited than ever about his workouts and wholeheartedly supports this small business.

If you're a middle aged family-oriented man, struggling to balance your workout with other commitments, look no further than the Unify Movement System.

Embrace the change and rediscover the excitement of working out, just like Glen did.

Don't just take our word for it; check out Glen’s Google review and get inspired! And remember, your fitness transformation could be just around the corner with UMS.

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