Reviving Your Workouts: Surprising Ways to Get Flexible

Reviving Your Workouts: Surprising Ways to Get Flexible
Remember when you were a kid and you could run, jump, and play without feeling any pain?

But now, as you grow older, you feel stiff, weak, and tired after working out. This happens to a lot of athletes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep exercising.

I faced the same problem, but I didn’t give up. I found some experts who knew a lot about flexibility, physical therapy, and strength training. They showed me some new ways to work out that could help me feel better and be stronger.

The best part was that they all talked about the same three things to help you get flexible: understand what it means to be flexible, use strength to help you stretch, and use new stretching methods.

You might think that stretching makes your muscles longer, but that’s not really true. When you stretch, things inside your muscles change, not the muscles themselves. Your body has two systems that help protect you while you stretch: making sure you don’t stretch too far and get hurt and making sure you don’t lift too much weight and get hurt.

Most stretching plans take a few weeks or months to help you get flexible. But, if you use a special type of stretching called end range strength, you can get flexible faster.

So, instead of thinking about stretching as making your muscles longer, think about it as changing things inside your muscles. The best way to make this change is to use strength to stretch.

In short, don’t let growing older stop you from exercising. By using these new ways to stretch, you can feel better, be stronger, and keep exercising for years to come.

Check out the video to learn more!

Let’s reinvent how you train for strength and flexibility.

So you can you can enjoy your best years!

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