Say Goodbye to Passive Stretching: The Future of Flexibility is Here

Say Goodbye to Passive Stretching: The Future of Flexibility is Here

Flexibility is a crucial aspect of fitness and well-being.

But most people limit themselves to old school stretching methods that don’t provide the best results. The good news is that there is a more effective and efficient way to increase flexibility – loaded stretching.

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Loaded stretching is a modern method of flexibility training where weight, either bodyweight or free weights, is applied to the stretch to produce better results.

This type of stretching combines strengthening and stretching the muscles at the same time, building strength through range of motion. For example, dynamic stretching, static stretching, and PNF stretching can all be used in loaded stretching.

The Jefferson curl is a dynamic form of loaded stretching, the Jefferson hold is a static form of loaded stretching, and the hamstring stretch hip block CRAC is a PNF form of stretching.

By including these loaded stretching methods in your workout routine, you will see significant improvements in your flexibility.

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