The Missing Link to Calisthenics Mastery - 2 Transformational Beginner Exercises!

The Missing Link to Calisthenics Mastery - 2 Transformational Beginner Exercises!

Are you looking to improve your calisthenics skills and build a solid foundation for advanced moves like handstands and tuck levers? 

Look no further than straight arm scapular strength (SASS) training. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the scapula pushup and arch scapular pull, two fundamental exercises that will enhance your upper body strength and stability. 

But don't take my word for it—watch the full tutorial video on Youtube—to see these techniques in action and learn how to apply progressive overload effectively.

Straight arm scapular strength refers to exercises where the elbows remain straight, targeting the muscles that control and stabilize the scapula. This often-overlooked aspect of upper body strength is crucial for mastering calisthenics, particularly when it comes to balancing push and pull movements. 

Incorporating the scapula pushup and arch scapular pull into your routine will help you maintain structural balance, which is critical for optimizing performance and avoiding injury.

While most people are familiar with bent arm strength training exercises like pushups, ring rows, dips, and pull-ups, straight arm scapular strength is often misunderstood. This is where the scapula push up and arch scapular pull come in, targeting push and pull muscles for a well-rounded workout.

The scapula pushup targets the serratus anterior and pec minor, both crucial push muscles. To perform this exercise, position your index fingers shoulder-width apart, facing forward, and splay the rest of your fingers out as wide as you can. Then, externally rotate the humerus (upper arm bone) and maintain this position throughout the movement. This will engage the proper muscles and ensure correct form.

On the other hand, the arch scapular pull targets the lats, mid and lower traps, and the rhomboids—all essential pull muscles. Integrating these exercises into your routine will improve scapular control, ultimately leading to better overall performance in calisthenics.

If you're serious about advancing your calisthenics skills, don't underestimate the power of straight arm scapular strength. Incorporate the scapula pushup and arch scapular pull into your workouts to build a strong foundation for more complex moves. 

Remember to watch the full tutorial video on Youtube for a detailed breakdown of these exercises and how to apply progressive overload for optimal results. Happy training!

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