Transforming a Medical Pro: How Patrick Offner Found Fitness Success with UMS

Transforming a Medical Pro: How Patrick Offner Found Fitness Success with UMS

Meet Patrick J. Offner, MD, a highly respected trauma surgeon and critical care expert based in Colorado, USA. He's not just a medical genius; he's an inspiring and accomplished man in the fitness realm too. I've had the privilege of working closely with him, and his journey is nothing short of amazing.

Before joining our community, Patrick was committed to his training. He spent years at a Gymnastic Bodies affiliated gym and even clocked in six months at an Ido Portal affiliated gym. His workout journey took a turn when COVID-19 forced closures, but that's when he discovered Unity Gym and our UMS Tribe.

Patrick initially came to us to enhance his strength and flexibility, gearing up for a scheduled hip surgery. Now, he's on the road to recovery, and let me tell you, recover he most definitely will.

What's really special? Patrick and his wonderful wife train together, utilizing our UMS programs in their fully-equipped home gym. This couple is the epitome of fitness goals!

In his Google review, Patrick raved about Unity Gym, stating, "It’s pure gold that they are now entirely online. Despite the hardships COVID-19 inflicted on the health and fitness industry, Unity Gym has seamlessly combined the best of my previous gym experiences with top-notch advice and coaching!"

His accolades didn’t stop there: "These guys are the best. I can't recommend them enough. My only regret is that I couldn’t visit their physical location in Sydney before they transitioned online."

The real turning point for Patrick was embracing our stage three principles, specifically focusing on integrating strength and flexibility. He was already a powerhouse but needed to enhance his flexibility without losing any of his hard-earned strength. Our UMS Tribe Membership app and its stage three focus proved to be a game-changer for him.

Are you ready for your own transformation? 

Dive deeper into more uplifting stories from our tribe members and take the next pivotal step on your fitness journey today! 💥

Unlocking high levels of flexibility and strength in adulthood is possible. We've done it thousands of times with our tribe around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or absolute beginner, we've broken it down into three stages to help you figure out where you are in your journey and what your next step should be.

Stage 1: Just Starting Out?

Struggling to see results? At this stage, you need to keep it simple. A gentle yet efficient whole-body routine that ignites motivation by delivering instant results is the key. If you don’t feel better after your first try, you’re wasting your time. 

New to stretching? Our 20-Minute Mobility Routine is perfect for you!

Stage 2: Stretching Regularly but Hitting Roadblocks?

If stretching is now comfortable for you, it's time to advance. Target different muscles, unlock specific moves like back bridges or splits. Challenge yourself. Being more skilled doesn't mean you can't continue making astonishing progress. 

Ready for the next step? Our Flexibility Masterclass is your key!

Stage 3: Flexible but Need More Strength? Or Strong but Lack Flexibility?

Whether you're super flexible but lack strength, or “Hulk” strong without functional flexibility, there's room to grow. The depth of your stretches, or the plate stack on your barbell means stagnation at this stage risks serious injury! Integrating strength and flexibility is now essential. 

Our flagship online coaching system - the UMS Tribe Membership - is your ideal solution to achieve peak performance in your best years! One simple subscription for everything we do.

Your Journey, Your Growth

The path to peak performance isn't a straight line; it's a progression tailored to your unique needs and goals. Need help figuring out where you are and what's next? Watch lesson 5 video here. By identifying your stage, you open doors to growth and avoid unnecessary risks. Join Unity Gym and take your big developmental leap forward today!

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