How To Relieve Bad Shoulder Pain Quickly!

How To Relieve Bad Shoulder Pain Quickly!

There’s many reasons why you might experience shoulder pain.

In my case, training under archaic methods pushed my body beyond breaking point multiple times in my earlier days, causing painful rotator cuff and cartilage labrum tears.

I am proud to say, all of which I rehabbed successfully without surgery.

In the process I learnt that most shoulder rehab programs fall short because they lack the necessary strength progressions to properly fix your issues.

My formula for success was to first correct my technique for the best exercises, know when and how to progress them properly beyond the initial diagnosis period and how to put it all into a practical workout that would complement my regular training routine.

If you suffer shoulder pain, or know someone who does, then you’ll get a lot of value from the latest video uploaded to our Youtube channel.

🎦 Most Underrated Rotator Cuff Exercises For Shoulder Pain Relief

Let’s reinvent how you train for strength and flexibility.

So you can do more of what you love without pain!

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