The Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 - The ONLY Flexibility Program You'll Ever Need!

The Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 - The ONLY Flexibility Program You'll Ever Need!

Are you tired of generic flexibility programs that don't address your specific needs and goals? Look no further than the all-new Flexibility Masterclass 2.0!

Rebuilt from the ground up in 2023 for the new UMS app:

  • Say goodbye to outdated stretching techniques and hello to improved pairings of loaded stretching and antagonist muscle end range contractions.
  • No more time-consuming workouts! With the new primary and secondary exercise categories, you'll know exactly what's most important to work on in a shorter time. 
  • Warm up in record time with the brand new workout-specific 5-minute warm-ups designed to get the most out of your stretching. 
  • With two new phases, the Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 is now a massive program with exercises that cater to absolute beginners to advanced level members.
  • The Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 is fully integrated into the UMS app, making it easier than ever to access the exercises and tutorials you need.

Our team of experts has taken the traditional strength training methodologies of progressive overload, supercompensation, and periodization and combined them with a fully customizable program tailored to your specific needs. 

Whether you're focusing on improving your hip, shoulder, or back flexibility, or your pancake, front splits, and middle splits movements, this program has you covered.

The Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 has been carefully rebuilt to unlock better physical performance in a variety of disciplines, including calisthenics, weightlifting, CrossFit, and yoga. 

Say goodbye to the limitations of inflexibility and hello to a new level of athletic ability.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your flexibility training. 

Invest in yourself and your goals with the Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 and experience the difference that a fully personalized program can make.

Join the countless others who have already seen HUGE improvements in their flexibility and overall physical performance and sign up for the UMS and the Flexibility Masterclass 2.0 now!

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