Nose To Tail Carnivore Diet: A Transformational Experience With Aaron Mckenzie

Nose To Tail Carnivore Diet: A Transformational Experience With Aaron Mckenzie

In episode 326 of "The Sound of Movement - The Unity Gym Podcast," hosts Yani and Rad Burmeister brought in Aaron Mackenzie, a health and fitness aficionado from Origin of Energy, and Phil White from ADPT Physio. They embarked on a controversial discussion about organ meats and polyunsaturated fats, providing valuable insights into dietary choices that could promote optimal health.

The conversation, marked by Aaron's strong commitment to experimenting with his diet before passing it onto his clients, highlighted his year-long carnivore diet trial. For nine months, Aaron subsisted on a strict diet consisting only of animal products, specifically, a whole beef body and two lamb bodies, complemented only with salt and magnesium.

Aaron's decision to attempt the carnivore diet resulted from an ongoing struggle with autoimmune-related inflammatory processes in his body, despite maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle. The carnivore diet had been suggested as an effective solution for such conditions, but he initially found the idea extreme. However, he decided to give it a try when his body continued to suffer inflammation despite his 'healthy' diet.

Aaron's carnivore diet, counter-intuitively, focused on whole animal consumption rather than conventional meats like steaks and cold cuts. This approach, known as "nose to tail," is based on the concept that animals act as "nutrient condensers." In this model, the animals consume the vegetation and, in turn, humans consume the animals to gain nutrition. This also led Aaron to connect with a healthier ecosystem, establishing a direct relationship with local farmers and understanding the origin of his food.

There's often a misconception that humans must derive certain nutrients solely from vegetables. However, Aaron believes that animals, especially ruminants with their multi-chambered stomachs, are better at extracting these nutrients. This simplified dietary approach contrasted significantly with the typical superfood or vegan diets, where food often comes from various global locations, contributing to an unsustainable food system.

A key highlight of Aaron's dietary experiment was his intention to test the viability of the carnivore diet and to ascertain its health and environmental impact. One notable outcome of this diet was that his health indicators improved significantly, except for a rise in cholesterol, which he argues is beneficial for the body when the LDL/HDL ratio is balanced.

The conversation also tackled listener questions around the healthiness of meat and the importance of organ meats, the necessity of avoiding polyunsaturated fatty acids found in canola oil and sunflower oil, and the controversies surrounding these topics. The hosts encourage listeners to delve into these intricate discussions in the podcast for a comprehensive understanding.

From this compelling discussion, it becomes clear that our dietary choices not only significantly impact our health but also the environment we inhabit. To explore these concepts further, tune in to Episode 326 of "The Sound of Movement - The Unity Gym Podcast." It's a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the complex relationship between diet, health, and sustainability.

For more insights into these dietary explorations, and how you can benefit from a 'nose to tail' approach, tune in to the podcast here and embark on a journey of self-discovery towards better health and lifestyle choices.

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