Can Exercise Fix A Bulging Disc?
I received this email yesterday from the inner circle (name removed for privacy). Dear Yani,   I have lower back pain due to a bulging disc on my L5-S1 joint and also a small labral tear at my left hip. I...
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A Scientific Front Splits Method🧑‍🔬
Are you sitting down reading this?  If so, our latest Youtube stretching routine is for you. Because it will release your hips and hamstrings, which will help offset prolonged sitting at work. Tight psoas, hamstrings and glutes are major contributing...
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Is Stretching A Good Cure For Lower Back Pain?
We're often asked what stretches are good for lower back pain. Both Rad and I have had to overcome debilitating lower back pain. Despite having very different issues, we used the same methods to do so. We’ve also watched as...
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