Education Vs Implementation?

Education Vs Implementation?

What’s more important, education, or implementation? 

Obviously, similar to the chicken or the egg, that’s a loaded question.

But it’s worth your consideration.

I spent $200K+ over two decades on some of the best mentors and coaches in the world to learn this valuable lesson (quantified by ROI) …

I was an information junkie and an implementation moron.

Having identified and overcome it myself, now I see it everywhere in my industry.

Have you ever noticed how two people with similar intellect and goals can take the same information and produce completely different results?

How does it work?

Does it come down to luck? Experience? Timing?

Truth is, it’s none of the above. But I think it has to do with why the world's smartest people aren’t necessarily the most successful. 

Some people seem to achieve success no matter what. 

The majority don’t because we’re information junkies - but lack the ability to implement.

We go from one book to the next. Course after course. Video after video, hoping the next piece of content will hold the solution.

But the difference between success and mediocrity is implementation, NOT education. 

Otherwise, education would guarantee success.

The hard reality is it doesn’t because there’s not a book, blueprint, course, seminar or YouTube video on the planet that does the work for you.

Only YOU have the power to execute!

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