Two Simple Exercises That Will Improve Your Hip Mobility & Help Lower Back Pain!

Two Simple Exercises That Will Improve Your Hip Mobility & Help Lower Back Pain!

Are you tired of lower back pain? Want more hip mobility? Today's blog is your new best friend. Plus, we have a brand new YouTube stretching video to guide you step-by-step.

In this beginner friendly routine that you can do at home, we'll use static stretching and end range contractions to focus on hip rotation. What are end range contractions? It's when you stretch your muscle as far as it can go, then tense it up. Doing this can actually improve your flexibility fast!

This simple routine works so effectively because these stretches engage your Golgi tendon organ—a part of your muscle that helps prevent injury. When you activate it, you can stretch even further. And guess what? It takes only 30 seconds per stretch to improve your flexibility.

Good hip rotation isn't just for athletes; it's a game-changer for everyone. But why? Let's dig in.

In martial arts, quick hip rotation powers those high kicks and fast moves. Limited rotation? You’re an easier target and you might even get hurt trying a spin kick.

Weight lifters, listen up! Good hip rotation lets you squat deeper and lift more. Bad rotation can mess up your form and lead to injuries like lower back pain.

Yoga folks, ever struggle with poses like the Pigeon or Warrior? Those poses get easier with better hip rotation. Plus, it can help you find balance and peace in your practice.

Love calisthenics? Hip rotation helps with everything from pistol squats to advanced moves like the human flag. Bad hips can stall your progress and even lead to knee problems.

So, what's the risk if you ignore this? Tight hips can cause a domino effect. You may limp, wobble, or twist in ways that strain other parts. In any sport, that’s bad news.

Don't wait! Click through to our YouTube video to follow along and start feeling the difference today! What are you waiting for? Let's get those hips moving!

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