Discover the Journey to Insane Flexibility: Unpacking the new Flexibility Masterclass

Discover the Journey to Insane Flexibility: Unpacking the new Flexibility Masterclass

Imagine embarking on a life-changing journey that helps you achieve high levels of functional flexibility as an adult.

This week, we invite you to join us for a captivating three-part video series, live in the UMS Movement Mastermind Facebook group, where we'll share our own transformative experiences and the discoveries that led to the creation of the Flexibility Masterclass.

Click here to watch the replay of video one.

Inspired by Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, we'll take you on a trip through time to connect the dots, showing you how we overcame challenges and turned setbacks into opportunities. Just like Jobs urged graduates to pursue their dreams and embrace life's curveballs, we encourage you to watch video one now and see the incredible results we achieved by diving headfirst into the world of flexibility training.

Flexibility gains, unlike strength gains, require a different approach. By understanding the science behind muscle stretching and how it differs from strength training, we were able to develop the Flexibility Masterclass.

This fully periodized program is designed to unlock the middle and front splits, pancake, back bridge, and overhead shoulder flexion, all hosted in the user-friendly UMS app.

With the Flexibility Masterclass, you'll have access to numerous progressions for every movement in a simple drop-down menu, allowing you to fully customize your program to your personal needs. Say goodbye to exercises that are too easy or too challenging, and embrace the journey towards insane flexibility.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of flexibility and witness firsthand how our journey can help you unlock your full potential.

Watch the series this week in the UMS Movement Mastermind Facebook group and prepare to be inspired!

Click here to watch the first video replay now.

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