We Were Wrong: Why We’re Rethinking Stretching Exercises For Beginners

We Were Wrong: Why We’re Rethinking Stretching Exercises For Beginners

Let’s set the record straight. In 2018, we released an 18-Minute Stretching Routine where we promoted middle splits for beginners. But we've learned—this was bad advice!

Sadly, many fitness YouTubers are still dishing out the same wrong advice. It's clear now that if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t be diving into advanced moves like middle splits

For those at stage one of flexibility, your routine needs to be simple and make you feel better right away. Tackling advanced moves can be disheartening when you can’t perform them.

In my latest Youtube follow along video I take you through some stage one movements to give you an example of what your routines should look, and feel like.

Before diving in, it’s key to know where you stand. If you're at stage two or three, this might be easy-peasy for you. Discover your stage with our free Flexibility Blueprint.

Stage one flexibility is all about easy wins. You're likely trying to establish a new exercise habit. And that's hard enough! 

So you need routines that make you feel instantly better.

Any hurdles that get in your way, like a challenging exercise, or a routine that leaves you feeling more sore after than you started, is not going to be the answer!

Here are a few things we include in our stage-one daily routine:

  • Foam rolling
  • Spine mobility
  • Squatting

The changes in your body will be fast, helping to undo the stiffness from long desk hours. What I show in my latest YouTube video comes from our 20-Minute Mobility Routine. In the full routine, we cover every joint. Trust me, you’ll feel amazing—like a well-tuned car!

Follow along with me and see how you feel afterwards. Remember the goal here for a stage one routine is to make you feel better instantly. 

Not in 12 months, 12 weeks, or even 12 days. 

I mean today! Straight after you finish your workout.

Ready for the next step?

If you loved this, why stop here? We designed our 20-Minute Mobility Routine for tribe members at stage one to get their first breakthrough in flexibility development. Try it now for yourself!

Or, just try the new routine yourself here. 

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