Bodyweight Hanging to Fix Pain: The Magic Remedy, or Shoulder Destroyer?

Bodyweight Hanging to Fix Pain: The Magic Remedy, or Shoulder Destroyer?

Is hanging bad for your shoulder pain? Some say it's the magic remedy, others claim it's caused more harm. Let's clear up this confusion and set you on the path to pain-free workouts.

In a recent YouTube video where I suggested hanging for one to three minutes daily could fix shoulder pain completely divided our audience. Some hailed hanging as their salvation, while others complained about increased discomfort.

So I felt it necessary to elaborate on this topic with a new video called: Does Hanging Make Shoulder Pain Worse?

The truth is, hanging isn't the villain, but rushing into it unprepared is. That's like blaming the barbell deadlift for your herniated disc, rather than poor form or lifting beyond your ability. Hanging is no different; it's about progression, and understanding your current capacity.

During my two decades as a fitness coach, I've faced multiple injuries. The first SLAP tear in my shoulder was especially impactful. As you can imagine, for someone who depends on physical fitness professionally, an injury is more than a personal setback.

But I didn't let it deter me. Instead, it led me to work closely with sports physiotherapists at Unity Gym, where we blended their scientific knowledge with my practical training expertise. This wasn't just about recovery, it was about prevention too.

This collaboration proved to be pivotal. 

Not only did it allow me to overcome numerous shoulder and back injuries without surgery, but it also helped me understand the importance of progressive load training and how pivotal it is to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Feeling confused? 

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Or limited flexibility? 

We've got you covered. The 20-Minute Stretching Routine is the perfect starting point. It's designed to revitalize your body, making you feel more mobile and nimble.

But that's just the beginning. Once you've acclimated to the Stretching Routine, our Flexibility Masterclass awaits. Here, we dive deeper into unlocking your full athletic potential. Skills like the splits, pancake, and back bridge are not just for gymnasts – they're within your reach too.

For those ready to commit to long-term fitness, our UMS Tribe Membership offers an unmatched online coaching experience. Here, we integrate strength and flexibility workouts for maximum results in less time.

The key to our approach is mindful progression. We help you understand your capacity and ensure your progress is steady and safe, all while pushing your boundaries. That's how we, at Unity Gym, champion a sustainable and effective fitness journey.

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